Solar Panel And Battery Kit Details When You Want To Be Environmentally Friendly

solar panel and battery kit

There are mainly two different types of Solar DC Fans. Ones that can be mounted on the roof, i.e. ceiling fans, and ones that are mounted on a wall or that can be kept on a table or floor. To understand how the Solar Panel and battery kit works, we have to know the difference in Solar DC fan

Different Types of Solar DC Fans and Their Features

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Solar Powered Ceiling Fans are mounted on the roof like an ordinary ceiling fan. Since hotter air usually rises upwards, these fans better the ventilation and help in throwing out the hot air and bringing in the cooler air from outside and maintain a nice flow of air inside the room. They usually have 3 blades but they come in different sizes and colors to suit the need of the user as well as the room. They usually consume up to 18-20 watts while maintaining high quality.

The other kind are table fans. In these, the solar panels are usually placed independently. They are the usual plug and play and do not require anything additional for its working. They also come in different sizes but are usually smaller than the Solar DC Fans that are mounted on the ceiling. These make use of advanced technology to keep up the quality that any consumer wishes to have in their fan and electrical appliance. They come with a wire that can be attached to a solar panel additionally. Most of them come with two or three speeds which can be remote controlled. Some models also have a 180 degree rotation and LED lights so they can look better.

User Manual

In some of the fans, the solar panels can also be bought initially.

They can be plugged easily to the 2 or 3 pin power supply and used while being placed on a table.

The adapter can be changed depending upon the current that we wish to use.

The Solar DC Fans mostly make use of a 12V power supply.

A regular check up should be done every 6 months so that if there is any scope of short circuit or damage that might cause a problem, it can be troubleshot and controlled in time.

The cleaning of the appliance should be done only when it is completely disconnected from the power supply and the fan section has been pulled out carefully. The same applied for the air filter section as well.

Disconnect the appliance in case of high voltage fluctuations to avoid any kind of accidents.


Thus, at an affordable price, Solar DC Fans are actually one of the best options that are currently available out there for people who are looking for a replacement for their older appliances. These fans do not harm the environment at all, save on the energy being consumed and do not put a lot of pressure on our budget for electrical appliances at our home. So if you are looking for an efficient fan within a low cost that also does not harm the environment while functioning, make sure you opt for a Solar DC Fan.

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