What Is Green Energy And Its Types?

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Green energy is the energy that originates from natural resources like water, sunlight, and wind. The primary key behind this energy source is that it does not cause any harm to the environment. Nor it releases any greenhouse gases into the environment. Further, this type of energy avoids any drilling or mining that might be harmful to the environment. 

You can obtain green energy from a variety of sources. Here are some of the sources.

Solar Power

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The most common source of energy is sunlight. People place solar panels on the top of their building that attract sunlight and convert it into sunlight. It is used to maintain heat in a building, hot water, and even cooking and lighting. 

Also, today solar power has become affordable and can be used for domestic purposes too.

Wind Power

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Wind power uses energy from the airflow and converts it into electricity. This source of power is suitable in areas that experience strong winds. 


It is also referred to as hydroelectricity. Now, this energy source uses water flow in rivers, streams, oceans, lakes, and dams. As of now, hydropower can even work on a small scale and use the water in the pipes to generate electricity. 

It can even use the water that comes through evaporation, rainfall, or the tides in the oceans. 


This type of power uses the thermal energy available below the earth’s crust. Now, it does require drilling, but it is a vast resource to use. It has been used for bathing in hot springs for thousands of years, and you can use this same resource for steam to turn turbines and generate electricity. 


now, one must carefully manage this renewable resource to be labeled a ‘green energy’ source. Biomass power plants use sawdust, wood waste, and combustible organic agricultural waste to create energy. Though while burning this releases greenhouses gas, yet the effect is much less than petroleum-based fuels.

Why Is Green Energy Important? 

Green energy is great for the environment as it does not cause any harm to the ecosystem. Green energy is derived from natural resources and is clean and renewable. Further, they do not emit any harmful greenhouse gases. In addition to this, such types of energy are readily available. 

Also, after completing the entire life cycle, they release far fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuels. Further, it is suitable for the environment and is beneficial for the plants, animals, and humans who breathe the air.

Green energy can provide us with stable prices too. Moreover, you can produce this energy locally too. The economic benefits also include job creation in building the facilities that often serve the workers’ communities. 


Green energy tends to provide a clean source of energy. Further, this type of energy is not only good for the environment, but they create job opportunities too. 

We need to leave fossil fuels in the past as they do not provide sustainable solutions to our energy needs. By developing various green energy solutions, we can create a sustainable future for our energy provision without damaging the world we all live in.

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